ISCA Competition

52nd Annual Chattanooga, TN: January 10, 11 & 12, 2020
49th Annual Birmingham, AL: February 7, 8 & 9, 2020

the International Show Car Association

The ISCA is an organization of automotive enthusiasts who enjoy building, showing and viewing custom cars, bikes, trucks, imports, competition cars, street machines and antique/restored vehicles. Throughout each annual ISCA Competition, a total cash purse of $85,000.00 will be awarded to ISCA Competition winners.

  • The 2019-2020 ISCA Show Season will run through the weekend of the Chicago, IL World of Wheels. The 2020 Championship Finals will be held at the Chicago, IL World of Wheels. For more information about the Championship Finals, visit the ISCA’s website:

  • Everyone that shows in an ISCA sanctioned event automatically becomes an ISCA member. There is a $50 registration fee per car to enter in the show.

  • To qualify for the ISCA Championship Finals, an exhibitor must win either an Outstanding in Category or Best in Category Award in at least (4) four shows and have a total of (4) four credits or more. An entry may earn these credits by winning any two of the following outstanding awards; Detail, Engineered, Undercarriage, Paint, Engine or Interior.
    a. All shows must be sanctioned ISCA Championship Series Events.
    b. Any competing exhibitor must have a spot check for the Current season.
    To win an ISCA Class Championship, an entry must have
    a class win in at least (4) four ISCA sanctioned shows.
    They can be any combination of “A” and “AA” shows.

  • As stated above, there will be five Category Championships annually. They will consist of Custom, Rod, Truck, Restored and Street Machine Comp. The Bike Category will be handled on a show-to-show basis as our history shows quite a number of bikes are exhibited in each show, but very few travel from show to show.

  • Qualified entries who plan on attending their respective Category Championship will not be allowed to change their qualified entry before their Category Championship.
    For more detailed clarification of this rule, please contact Janet Bires at ISCA at:
    (248) 371-1600 or contact Janet via email.

  • Display awards will be given at each show. Each Display award will consist of a plaque and $100. The Non-Electrical Display and the 10X20 Display awards will have a plaque only.


Award Money Payouts

In an effort to put some consistency in the monies paid out to our competitors, the ISCA has set mandatory payouts for different size shows. See the Cash Awards Listing page for a full list of cash prizes awarded at the Birmingham and Chattanooga World of wheels shows.

Chattanooga, TN O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels

  • Will pay $400 for Best of Category Awards
  • Will pay $150 for Outstanding of Category Awards
  • Will award 6 Display awards at $100 each

Birmingham, AL O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels

  • Will Pay $600 for Best of Category Awards
  • Will pay $250 for Outstanding of Category Awards
  • Will award 8 Display awards at $100 each


Travel Money

As stated in the Official ISCA Rule Book:

ISCA Members must travel at least 150 miles one way to qualify for travel money. All ISCA Participants MUST BE PRE-APPROVED by the show producer. Due to travel money budgets, not all eligible ISCA Members will receive travel money. Distance is computed from exhibitors’ home to show city using Mapquest.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact Janet Bires, General Manager of ISCA at:
(248) 371-1600 or contact Janet via email for further clarification.
For more information visit the ISCA’s website.

Contact our office at 205.655.4950 or send us an EMAIL HERE